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About Outstate MO

Outstate MO is a 501c4 created to bring a spotlight to rural Missouri by fostering rural economic development and job growth. Outstate MO serves to educate the public on the important issues that affect rural Missourians every day – lack of broadband access, roads and infrastructure that need attention, unemployment, and decreasing population that are having a negative impact on rural communities.  At the same time, Outstate MO will highlight the positive aspects of rural living, quality of life, land ownership, strong faith communities, local banks and utility providers, and other community assets that are capable of supporting job growth and rural resurgence.

Outstate MO’s mission is to dig into the problems we face and change the growth outlook for rural Missourians starting at the root. Our rural traditions have lasted throughout the ages. It’s something we take pride in and share with our children and grandchildren. Join Outstate MO in protecting our rural interests and preserving our future for generations to come.


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